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So, if you're anything like me you absolutely love online shopping (I have to stop myself on many occasions from buying all the things)

Well, today I'm going to share with you all an amazing online clothing store that I feel is absolutely worth your time and money to check out and buy from!

Tobi is an LA based clothing company that showcases incredible styles and unique items. I can honestly say I want just about everything they sell!!

I was recently asked to try out a few of their items and jumped at the chance, I was not disappointed at all! I will definitely be wearing these items (along with the many others I will be purchasing) for a long time!

So this tank is probably a style tank that I have been oogling over for a long time now! When I saw it on the list of items I could choose from I jumped on it. Such a cute and versatile tank it's simple and understated but feminine and makes me feel very pretty when I wear it.

I styled it two ways to show how it can easily go from a daytime outfit seamlessly to an evening outfit with a simple change of bottoms!

Daytime - Simple with shorts and sandals! So fresh and easy!

Evening - With a simple change of bottoms you have a new and stylish outfit for a night out! 

This next dress is probably one of the most "out of my comfort zone" items I chose. I also happen to think it's my absolute favorite item I received. This dress was perfect for a day at the winery with some of our best friends. The day was hot and humid so this airy and light dress (which is NOT AT ALL SEE THROUGH, trust me it's hard to find a dress LIGHT and has such great material!) was beyond perfect!

This last dress I can't wait to wear to our annual 4th of July / Shrimp-a-Palooza celebration (Basically our group of friends has made up this holiday that we celebrate on the 4th to add to the festivities of the 4th, we eat so much shrimp it isn't funny and this year we celebrate 10 years of this holiday!) a week from today! I added this dress to the list SPECIFICALLY for this occasion! It's the perfect dress to celebrate the 4th in, and to be honest I will be wearing it to a few other occasions coming up!

\Dress (c/o Tobi) | Shoes (Similar)

Be sure to follow the links in this post to grab your own items like mine! Also be sure to check out their website TOBI and snag some awesome new clothes and for your very first order you'll receive 50% off!

Come on back later this week and I'll be sharing with you all my past week of training for the Half Marathon this Fall... it does include a crazy story about how I severely bruised my toe. I'm extremely clumsy and it's all around a wonder I can put one foot in front of the other sometimes!


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