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Okay guys so it's been a while, life has been insane, which I'm sure you all can relate!

So today I'm starting something that I am SO excited about. I have put together an AWESOME Sworkit KIDS workout series and I'm going to be sharing the workouts over the next few weeks! These workouts are geared towards your kiddos but are the perfect opportunity to workout WITH your little ones! Oliver and Charlie, while aren't perfect at hitting all the exercises, they try so hard and we have so much fun doing it together!

I don't know about you but for me, setting a healthy example for my kids is something I think about all of the time. I love them watching me workout, or when we go to the gym that they know I'm working out. I love having them see me make healthy and good choices when it comes to the food that I eat and the liquids that I drink. I know that by them watching they are picking up on my habits and want to emulate them!

For example, every time my yoga mat comes out, Charlie immediately goes for it and starts "stretching" or jumping. Oliver also loves to workout with me and even if I'm doing my own Sworkit workout, he always tries to join! Squats are his fave ;)

A couple weeks back I was able to take this first workout and test it out with the kids in my son, Oliver's, class at school! This is a group of 12 kids all ages 3.5 and under. I had so much fun, they were so cute and so engaged. They listened and did the moves to the best of their abilities and I have to say, they kicked butt! I shared with their parents information about the app and hope that they use the app and have fun with their kiddos!!

After the workout I shared a healthy snack with the kids to show that after we workout we have to refuel our bodies in a healthy way! The teachers said the kids LOVED the snack and devoured it!

So without further ado HERE IS THE FIRST WORKOUT of the series. 

First, download the APP and then follow the link HERE and get started.

Make sure you are following Sworkit on all social media (IGFBTW) and share pics of your littles doing these workouts using the hashtags
#nogymnoexcuse #kidswhosworkit

Stay tuned for more kid friendly workouts & so much more!


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