2017 Bridal Bootcamp Week 3 : Wedding Shred

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So this week's posts have all been a tad behind and I apologize for that. My son has been sick for the past seven days {he's finally seeming back to his old self today} so we have been in hard core get him better mode.

With that said let's jump right into our Bridal Bootcamp Week 3! I absolutely love this weeks workout, if I do say so myself it's probably my favorite of all!

I challenge each and every one of you to complete THIS WORKOUT 2 to 3 times this week! You can also sub in one of the other workouts from this series (found HERE and HERE) as well to mix it up!

As promised I'm also going to share a wedding planning tip with you all...

Tip #3 : No matter what kind of ceremony and reception you have, once the ceremony is over and you have officially "tied the knot" take some time to be with your new spouse, alone.

For no other reason than to just take it all in. That day goes by so fast, seriously it was all a blur. However we were lucky enough that our wedding planner all but forced us to have some alone time. Once our ceremony was over and the pictures had been taken our bus took everyone back to the hotel where there was a happy hour being held, Andrew and I stayed on the bus, alone, and went to the reception venue where we got to go and see everything set up prior to guests and everyone being around. It was incredible! After that we got back on the bus, went back to the hotel and checkout out our room. After a bit of time to just take it all in and relax our photographer showed up and captured some of my absolute favorite pictures from that day.

Take time. Catch your breath. Remember what it's all about, then go party!

Come back next week for another tip and another workout!!!

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