Dorm Room Workout Series : The Finals Stretch

2:58:00 PM

So today's Dorm Room Workout Series is coming to you a bit late, however there is an excellent reason that this is so and I'll share it with you here in a bit.

Who doesn't like a good stretch?! No one, that's who. Everyone's body needs a nice cool down after a hard workout, and sometimes even before depending on who you are and what your body needs.

This workout is designed to be used in conjunction with any other Dorm Room Workout Series workout. Use it before and/or after to keep your body in tip top condition. I promise you won't regret adding this workout into your routine!

All you have to do is DOWNLOAD THE APP and then CLICK THE WORKOUT HERE and add it to your list of custom workouts!

Be sure to share pictures and updates tagging myself as well as Sworkit on all social media (IGFBTW), along with the the hashtags #nogymnoexcuse and #dormroomworkouts

Okay, so the reason this workout post is coming to you on a Thursday is because TOMORROW Leanna from Sworkit and myself are bringing you some exciting news and I was hoping to have our posts fresh in your minds before the announcement!

Be sure to be here in the early AM tomorrow for an announcement rendition of #FITNESSFRIDAY brought to you by myself along with Leanna and Sworkit!! I'm on the edge of my seat and can NOT wait to share!


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