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If you're anything like me you love Fall!
Seriously, it's the best season ever... I just can't wait for the cool weather to come our way and to be able to eat and drink anything and everything pumpkin flavored.
Andrew may or may not have already brought me home some pumpkin coffee ;)
... He knows me well!

Anyway, another reason I love Fall is because of the clothing.
Boots, sweaters, scarves galore!
But before we get there we have those few weeks in between Summer and the beloved Fall.
During that time it can be tricky to find something comfortable to wear.
Do you go jeans or shorts?
Long sleeves or short?
Sandals or boots?
The questions are really never ending.

So I have compiled a list of my absolute WANTS for this Fall season that can also be used as transitional pieces, paired with more Summer trending items to help make the leap a little more seamless.

1. Double Strap V-Neck Camisole from TopshopThis adorable white tank found at Nordstrom is everywhere. Or maybe it's just me thinking it's everywhere because I want it so badly. Anyway, it's perfect for transitioning because it can be worn under any jacket, cardigan, trench etc. Should the temps get a little too warm to wear your long sleeve item, just take it off and you have an adorable tank that pulls together your outfit even without the outerwear!

2. 'Bashina' Perforated Booties from Lucky Brand: Okay so these aren't on my wishlist anymore, but nicely tucked away in my closet. I couldn't help but jump on these boots this year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They were so cute and at the price point I wasn't passing them up. I really do think booties like these make for PERFECT transitional pieces because of the cut and the air flow that they get. You don't wear socks, yet your feet don't get all sweaty by any means due to the incredible amount of airflow. Hence, making them perfect for that transition into Fall and I dare say probably for most of Fall in and of itself. They protect your feet enough from any sort of cold that may be going on but not too much, like what you would get from full on closed booties for Winter!

3. Just Keeps Getting Sweater Dress from ModCloth: So I'm picking this dress for a few reasons. First, I love anything with a turtleneck such as this. I can't explain it, and maybe it's my mom's fault for always putting us in turtlenecks when we were kids, making it seem comfy and homey. Also, sweater dresses are just a staple for your Fall wardrobe so grabbing one that is strapless is the quintessential piece to have in your transitional wardrobe. Same as with number one, throwing a nice jacket or blazer over it makes it perfect when the weather gets cooler, however it's not a necessity and looks gorgeous all alone. Lastly, I would pair this dress with over the knee boots to help the Fall feel come alive.

4. 'Mellow Bellow' Open Cardigan by Volcom: This cardigan seriously screams comfort! From everything I've read this cardigan is light weight enough to wear in cooler weather but not too bulky that it's going to make you uncomfortable. I've always had my eye on this one as well. These types of cardigans are perfect to grab and take on the go with you when you are unsure about the weather where you are headed. I definitely want to add a few of these to my wardrobe here in a minute!

5. Off the Shoulder Top by BP.: Continuing this Summer's most popular trend into the Fall is definitely something I plan on doing. Off the shoulder everything took over this Summer's fashion world, at least in my mind it did! So anything off the shoulder, such as this top, that you can transition into Fall is a must. Pair this shirt with some skinny jeans, white or dark wash along with some heels you have the perfect outfit for a date night to transition from Summer to Fall. 

6. Cotton Canvas Anorak by BP.: If you haven't yet seen these army green jackets yet then I would have to say you've been looking in all the wrong places. I can't open instagram without seeing at least one fashion blogger donning this jacket, or something extremely similar. At this price point absolutely anyone can afford to add this essential piece of outerwear to their wardrobe. A little heavier than the cardigan's I shared before, this is the perfect piece to bring when you know your evening's are going to be a bit chillier. This is also the perfect jacket to bring while traveling. I'm pretty much guaranteed to add this jacket to my wardrobe before our trip to Mexico this Fall!

7. Cowled Sweater Tank: Okay so I'm pretty much obsessed with this tank and kind of need it in my closet yesterday. Along with the same deal as with the turtleneck sweater dress we talked about earlier, there's nothing more appealing to me than the same idea only in tank form. Even more so than the dress, this item is the absolute perfect transitional piece from Summer to Fall. You can pair this tank with shorts for warmer weather or jeans for cooler. Boots, booties or sandals all would pair excellently with this tank!

8. Textured Wool Wrap Scarf: For those who know me, seeing a scarf on pretty much every wishlist isn't surprising. I currently have an entire plastic storage tub stuffed full of scarves or every single type. One would think that would make me content, but no, I can't help it. Scarves are such an easy way to accessorize a look and I love the texture that it gives. Adding a scarf just seems to pull together an outfit in my mind. This scarf caught my eye immediately and I really hope to be able to add this to my box of scarves for this Fall. Not as heavy as those blanket scarves you'll see all over this Winter, they're perfect to add to an outfit that just needs a little extra oomph and it helps that there's almost no way you can go wrong by adding a scarf like this!

9. Lace-Up Pullover: Another trend that I have fallen in love with is anything that has the lace-up feature. It gives an outfit a little more laid back look and is perfect for a lunch date or just hanging out with friends or family. This pullover could be paired with jeans or shorts and look pulled together and super on point! I would personally love to pair this sweater with some sneakers and take the level of comfort up a notch! Definite must!

I hope this post has inspired you to create a fresh new look for the beginning of the Fall season. I know it has made me super ready to go shopping!!

What are your favorite Fall go-to pieces?!


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  1. So many fabulous picks! I don't dread fall like I used to now that I live in FL, but growing up in CT fall meant summer was over and winter was coming *shudder*. Now, I get excited for all the fun activities and change of wardrobe. Especially loving that OTS top and Modcloth dress <3
    Green Fashionista


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