Fitness Friday - Best Poolside Beverages

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What goes better with a hot day by the pool (or beach depending on where you're at) than a nice cold and crisp adult beverage?!
Not too much if you ask me.
The only problem with this is that my body is very susceptible to bloating, which is why on a daily basis I make sure to watch intake of sugars, carbs and other ingredients that will puff me up like a balloon.
With that said there are a few drinks that I would recommend choosing to not only feel your best but to also join in on the merriment that is Summer.

#1 : Gin and Sparkling Water (Or Vodka, depending on what you like)
Instead of Tonic, Sparkling water contains no added sugars, therefore cutting out any unnecessary added ingredients that may increase bloating and water weight. 

#2 : Tequila on the Rocks
This is pretty straight forward, the less amount of ingredients the better for you. When drinking any alcohol this way you'll tend to drink it slower, therefore drinking less as well. Also, tequila contains no carbs, which is great for me because I have been doing my best to stay away from carbs as much as possible.

#3 : Champagne
On average your 4 oz. glass only contains 80 calories! The carbonation that is in champagne also tends to make anyone drinking it drink it slower, therefore not consuming as much. And let's be real here, it also makes you feel a little fancy, or is it just me?!

These three tried and true drinks are the perfect combo for a day at the pool or heck, even for a night out that won't leave you feeling completely blah later that evening!

Just for comparison, most people jump straight to the Pina Coladas, Pre Made Margarita Mixes and Beer. Let's break these down a bit shall we?!

Pina Coladas - On average this drink contains upwards of 650 Calories. Let's put this into perspective, a Big Mac is only 576 Calories and we all know deep down that a Big Mac is a horrible food choice health wise, so why go with a drink that is even worse?! Plus all the cream and sugar, I can't even handle that. (Source of Info HERE)

Pre - Made Margarita Mixes - Contain nothing but added sugars and all other sorts of additives that just aren't conducive with attempting to look and feel your best in a swim suit.

Beer - Need I really say more about beer other than it is nothing more than liquid carbs?! Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE beer lover, in the right scenario. I will choose a dark beer over almost anything when out with friends at night or at dinner with my husband. However I would NEVER choose a dark beer or even a light beer to sit by the pool with.

What are your poolside beverages of choice?!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


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  1. I'm so sad I can't enjoy fun drinks by the pool this summer, but champs and fresh margaritas (with real fruit juice instead of margarita mix) are always my go-tos <3
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