Getting My Body Back.

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A week back I shared with all of you my favorite workout Apps.
Go check it out if you haven't already, it's okay, I'll wait.

Alright, so the other night I stumbled upon some before pictures I had taken once I was given the all clear from my doctor to start working out again after having Charlie.
This was at the end of September 2015.
I was totally motivated to workout and get my body back.
Well, the holidays came and went and I hadn't really done any work on myself.
Then we focused on Oliver's 2nd Birthday.
Needless to say the months came and went and I hadn't really made any progress.

I stated in my post last week, Andrew and I were watching Shark Tank and the SworkIt Team was on and pitching their App.
I immediately downloaded it and fell in love.
That was a month ago.
In the matter of thirty days, working out twice a day {15 minute workouts}, and just paying attention to what I was eating I made the bulk of my progress.

Here are my results:

I wanted to share this with you today to show that you don't have to jump on any crazy/intense workout or diet bandwagon to get results.
I still went out for dinner and drinks with friends, I still had a glass of wine at the end of some days.
I was just simply more aware.

With that being said...
On Monday I am starting the Whole30 diet and hoping to begin a cycle of eating as healthy as possible along with working out with SworkIt and staying as active as I can.

I will share my results from that, the meals I eat and all around how it makes me feel throughout the whole process as well!

Do you have any meal suggestions or thoughts on the Whole30?!
I would love to hear any and all thoughts on it!


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  1. You're looking awesome gurlie! Totally inspiring to those of us who haven't had our babies yet, and are nervous about getting that body back. I think being mindful while you're pregnant about staying active is important too. Congrats on starting the Whole 30! I'm always in awe of those who are able to do it, I just don't have the willpower lol.
    Green Fashionista


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