Remembering The Man

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This weekend St. Louis said goodbye to one of our most influential baseball players. Stan "The Man" Musial's funeral service was televised this Saturday, for all of us who either remember watching him play or just remembering hearing stories about him {which I did, a lot, from my Grandma... Stan's last game was played in 1963}. Hearing people talk about him made it that much more clear, just how influential he was not only to baseball but also to our community. Cue Bob Costas giving an incredible eulogy, that has left everyone {at least around these parts} talking...

Not only was Stan Musial honored this weekend by those in baseball but also by the St. Louis Blues... During pregame every player wore a jersey with the number 6 and Stan's last name on it...

If that isn't respect then I don't know what is. Makes me proud to be from a city where sports aren't just about winning, or records but about camaraderie and respect for one another. Sure, we aren't the only city that feels {or that is} this way, however it's nice to be reminded that I live in one that is.

Pictures of the memorial from Saturday after the funeral...

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  1. I love this post and the pictures. Being born and raised in St. Louis, it's hard not to feel touched by this amazing athelete's legacy. I love our city and how sports are more about community and people, rather than winning the game. It's hard to watch it from a far... Indiana has a sucky sports community and NO baseball community. He will definitely be remembered for decades to come.

  2. What a great post. St. Louis has the best fans period. I have that same picture from my wedding, except it's at the old Busch. I got married in 2003.


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