My house MAY be haunted...

10:03:00 AM

Today, I'm in a mood.

You know, that mood where everything has to go just right or you go bat shit crazy?
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That's me today.

There's really no reason, it just is.

Okay I lied maybe there is a reason, at 5:15 am this morning our ceiling light decided to turn on, on it's own. Needless to say I was woken up by a bright light, very confused, tired and pissed off. 

Good thing too because looking back, it should of terrified the crap out of me & now it is...

Having to wake up at 6 am, I wasn't able to completely fall back asleep.

Damn ghost's or whatever it was that prompted the light to go on all by itself.

So I'm multiple cups of coffee in this morning and writing this lovely post & just ranting.

And while we are being real here, this is how I'm feeling about work today...

Is it 4:30 yet?!?

I'm ready to go home.

And yes, I'll keep you all updated on the ghost situation.

Happy hump day!

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  1. Yikes!! I hope your day goes by fast!

  2. I'm not even lying when I tell you that this has definitely happened to me before. You need wine, end of story.

  3. Sound rough...Whenever I wake up before my alarm, I feel like my day is ruined. I be that this was far worse! Hope it ends well :)

  4. Sure no one is sleepwalking? I sleep walk and do crazy stuff like that.

  5. AH that would have freaked me out COMPLETELY!! (I'm sure that's not making you feel any better. Haha) Is there maybe some loose wiring or something? That's what the electrician in me thinks (please note - I have no electrician experience at all so that was just only thought to keep it from being a ghost.)

    I hope your night is better than the rest of your day!!!

  6. Ughhh that would have scared to bejeezus out of me!

    Our garbage truck will sometimes come to collect our garbage early and it wake me up about 1/2 an hour before I have to get up which pisses me off because I can't fully fall back asleep and if I do it's literally 5 seconds before the alarm goes off. And of course it's on a Monday! Drives me up.the.wall!! Here's to majorly needed cups of coffee!

  7. sound rough. hope your days get better


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