I am a reality TV junkie

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I just can't help it. From twenty-five females all competing for one guy to some over the top, ridiculously rich family members who really are just famous for being famous. Throw in a few red-neck shows where they have to use subtitles just to understand them & I'll happily sit my butt in front of the TV for hours, with multiple glasses of wine {of course}.

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Personally, I blame {& by blame I mean thank} Lauren Conrad for this. Laguna Beach and The Hills, turned me into a crazy reality TV fanatic. {Who didn't root for LC and Steee-phen?!}

I do give huge kudos to Lauren Conrad, taking her name from reality star level to creating a business for herself. Personally, I think she is the supreme example of how reality stars can take their positions and create something so great out of it.

I know, I know, you're either rolling your eyes right now or shaking your head "YES!" because you know exactly what I am talking about. Regardless of the full "reality" of these shows there's just something about them that keeps you coming back for more {& by you, I mean me, maybe you but definitely me}.

Generally, once a show is over, I think to myself...

So here's to another Monday that is full of some more "real" life drama!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE watching Ice Loves Coco! One of my favorite shows. :)

  2. Like you I am completely addicted to reality TV. I just can't get enough

  3. Sigh. Laguna Beach really did start it all out, huh? I love all of these shows.
    Buckwild. How can you NOT get sucked into such delicious trash?

  4. Who isn't a reality tv show junkie?! I blame The Real World franchise...it was THE FIRST reality show and everything else are just copy cats hahaha...I love my Real Housewives (except for Jersey because Caroline's bullying and Melissa Gorga drive me nuts and I can't stand them!!!) It's so bad it's good tv!!

  5. GIRLFRIEND! I am right here with you! I am so obsessed...pretty much every show you posted, i have watched!!

  6. I love 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Catfish. I'm also guilty of watching several A&E shows. Thumbs up for garbage TV! LOL.


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