It's time to get Scentsy!!

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Heyyyyy everyone! Today I have something really exciting to share with you all.

Say hello to Dani from Inspire. Motivate. Love {I love her & I know you will too!}

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Hello lovely readers! I am so excited to be guest posting for Melissa today!
My name is Dani, and I ramble daily over at Inspire. Motivate. Love. - about my life, my son, & our adventures in this world.
Melissa and I were so fortunate to be paired up in a blog swap, and after sending each other handmade scarves and Starbucks items, we knew we were a match made in blog land.

So you're probably wondering why I'm over here today?
Let me share. 
In my quest to help bring some income into our house since I have been a SAHM and full time student for the past year, and after countless job searches that turned up nothing remotely flexible with my school schedule, I took a leap and decided to become a Scentsy Independent Consultant.
This was a hard decision for me on multiple levels, but mostly because I really just wasn't sure if it would be profitable or not. Let me tell you....I am SOOOO glad I made the choice I did.
I have been SO blessed with supportive friends and customers, and it really comes down to selling a product that is worth what you are paying.
As of this week, I went from being a first level Escential Consultant, to a Lead Consultant (which is a two level jump in title), and reaching a goal for first time consultants all in less than 2 months.
That right there, is so much more than I could have ever expected from this adventure. 
I decided after Hurricane Sandy hit, and while my sister was in Jamaica on a dental mission, experiencing the hurricane and it's damage first hand, that 20% of my sales would be donated to Save The Children, an organization dedicated to helping children in need, and one who is incredibly involved in helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.  
This is where Melissa comes in.
She graciously agreed {It was her idea :) } to host an online/catalog party to help me raise money.
She's asked me to share some of the products currently being offered, since we can't do an in-home party, but let me tell you, if we would be a super laid back, open house with lots of wine and appetizers.
I think this fits mine and her style perfectly.
So lets just imagine that's what we are doing, OK? 
OK. Good.
I have learned that not as many people are as familiar with Scentsy as I thought.
Maybe this is because before I started selling, I was completely OBSESSED.
After I started obsession has only become more apparent.
Once you have your warmer, and have chose which scent you can't live without, you pop a couple pieces of wax in your warmer, turn it on, and then you start enjoying the amazing smells that come from this piece of porcelain. 
Here are some of my favorite products:

This Tis The Season countdown warmer. Every morning, help you and everyone else keep track of the days left until Christmas morning! {$35}

Tilia - This warmer's porcelain glows, allowing this tree to shine in all it's winter glory. {$30}

Scentsy Buddies - Pop a Scent Pak in these cuddly animals and everything they touch instantly smells amazing.  My son takes his EVERYWHERE.
They are currently BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!
{2 for $25, including one scent pak of your choice and a 2nd promotional scent pak at Scentsy's discretion.} 

The 6-pack bundle of Scentsy Wax bars.  If you like to change up your scents as much as I do, this is the way to go.  Normally $5 each, these are 6 for $25, meaning you get one bar free.
Some of my favorite Fall/Winter Scents:
Apple Press - smells like fresh pressed apples, juicy pears, and hit of summers last roses.
Buckleberry - Bursting fresh berries atop a buttery blanket of crumbly coffee cake.
Iced Pine - Smells like a Christmas tree! Green fir and pine, kissed by icy peppermint.
Peppermint Dreams - Chocolate cupcake cooled by a blast of fresh mint.
Christmas Cottage - a blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, cloves, and spices. 
Pumpkin Marshmallow - Sticky, sweet marshmallow spooned onto fresh-baked pumpkin and wrapped in a graham cracker crust.

As if that wasn't enough, Scentsy also has their new Layers products, enabling you to wear all of these wondrous smells!
So far, besides the lotions, because what girl doesn't like lotion, my favorite product they offer are the dryer disks.

These things make my clean clothes smell AMAZING.  I ACTUALLY want to do laundry.
They also last forever. I just threw one away....we've used it for a month. 
There are 2 in a box for $7. that you've all enjoyed some wine {It would be in a box, in case you (Whitney, maybe?) were wondering}, and are drooling over the descriptions of these scents, head on over and shop Melissa's party

Help us raise money for children affected by the Hurricane.  Maybe we can make their holidays a little brighter.

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Looks like it's time to get your shop on!!! :)

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  1. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas!!

  2. I was just recently introduced to Scentsy and love it!

  3. My favorite Christmas tradition is buying my daughter Christmas jammies and having her unwrap them on Christmas Eve so she can wear them to bed that night!

  4. I love "A Christmas Story"

    and my mom always did what Chelsea above does for her daughter!!

  5. Miracle on 34th Street is my fave!!


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