Dear World...

9:19:00 AM

dear husband, I love you {& the very first picture of us EVER taken... even though I look absolutely hideous, who let me go out looking like this... & the eye brows, ey ey ey}

dear pups, could you be any cuter?! seriously, mama loves getting you up in the morning... Mab, you're always ready to go & it's cutest thing ever. Khloe, you're not a morning dog, that's cool, I get it... but that "really? I have to get up now?" look you give me is priceless.

dear weekend, I look forward to do nothing with you, it will be glorious.

dear wine & beer, you really know the way to my heart.

dear Glee, i'm glad you're back & last night's episode, bravo.
dear work, how about you just go away for a little bit, kay?!

dear followers, you all rock!! OH & if you have a second you should go check out Bethany's blog... Girlfriend is real & honest, definitely my new blog love! :)

dear drivers, how about we slow things down a bit & not do this, ever again...
I know accidents happen every day but this was by far one of the worse I have seen ... The car was literally cut in half... 
dear iPhone5, can you please be mine?!

dear Booty Song, it just isn't a Friday without you & I feel as though everyone else needs a little bit of this in their life... You're welcome...

Happy Weekend all!


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  1. Oh, I just love that sweeeeeeet photo of you two. Ah! You were such little babiessss!! <3

  2. It's fun to look back and see how much you change as a couple. I have the same reaction too!

  3. Awe the photo of your two is sooo adorable <3 And I am also so happy Glee is back - doesn't kate hudson look incredible? like wow!
    Visiting "Bethany's blog" as well!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  4. you two look so young in that photo! sweet.
    that looks like a really bad accident.

  5. Oh boy, I look back at old photos of Will and I, and I think the same stuff! I still love revisiting them, though.

  6. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest outfit post. xo

  7. wow, that's so awesome that you have your first picture ever taken together. i am sad that the first picture of me and my husband ever taken is probably on some cell phone right now that we don't have! and i'm not a glee fan, but i am so happy that fall tv is back! i always forget how much i miss it!


  8. JUST lost it over the Booty Song lol!

  9. Old pics, love em and hate em ! I cringe to look at pictures of me from a few years ago. But great memories come with them!!!


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