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Happy hump-day!! We have officially made it half way through the week, which means only a couple more days until the weekend, for me it means only 5 more days until a MUCH needed vacation!!! Seriously, this vacation couldn't come at a better time for me. Over the past few months I have been coming here almost daily and writing my posts to share with you all, and have had so much fun doing it but today I am going to just simply ask for an ear...

Recently I have been thinking about my career path, my life path and then every time I sit down to really think it through, the only thing I ever end up with is... What's next, where do I go from here?! This is a question I have no answer for, at least not yet. I have a long term goal, however I have no short term goals to get me there. I know at the end of the day I love to write, I want to write, it's what inspires me and makes me happy {And sometimes unfortunately for my husband, friends and family, it is my most honest form of communication}. My huge issue, I am extremely picky about what and how I want to write. I am not a fan of journalism, I just can't get excited or into report writing at that level, I don't write well under pressure and I couldn't create an amazing piece on a deadline... I have a ton of respect for those who can do that, and those who are excellent and excel at it, but it's just not me. The downside of my picky-ness, there really aren't many opportunities or jobs out there that will allow me to make a living by just writing. Yes, I know that I should suck it up, and I have thought about it many times, but I just don't think I could stand being at yet another job that wasn't exactly what I wanted. I get that everyone has to start out on the bottom, I have worked my butt off since I was seventeen at jobs that I really didn't care for, I worked my way through college, graduated with my Bachelor's degree without any student loans {I know what it means to work for what you have}, so I feel that I should be allowed to be picky, but at what cost? I have an extremely amazing job right now, as far as pay and benefits go {And the fact that it's with my family, I get to spend a lot more time with my dad and grandpa than I would working anywhere else}; but being a secretary is just not what I want to do forever. I get bored way too easily and having absolutely no room for advancement or even the opportunity to love my job one day, has made it very discouraging {And again, the fact that it's with my family, there is very little no work place etiquette at all, I deserve to be respected}. I love my family, I really do, but working with them every single day can be tiring and can make you look at them in a light that no one should see a loved one. I just want to love what I do, and I want to do what I love, is that too much to ask?! Maybe it is, and I am sure that there will be someone out there who will tell me to just shut it & be thankful for what I have, and I am, I know how lucky I am that I have a great job to go to everyday, one with pretty darn good job security at that. I do not for a second take for granted what I have or the opportunities that have been given to me, I just wish I knew what was going to happen next, I hate the unknown and it seems like I have absolutely no control, it's a terrifying feeling.

I don't really know if there is an answer to any of this other than, "It's just life."

If you made it through all of that, I thank you more than you know. I will leave you with this, something that I need to try my best to remember... "For anyone who is: just keep writing. Keep reading. If you are meant to be a writer, a storyteller, it’ll work itself out. You just keep feeding it your energy, and giving it that crucial chance to work itself out. By reading and writing." Robin McKinley

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  1. You & I are in the exact same boat. I am feeling totally at a loss at my job and I definitely do not just want to hop to another boring, time consuming job that means nothing to me - I want to do something I enjoy, love and am passionate about. Sometimes it feels risky but sometimes I think its better to take the leap rather than feel stuck. I know I am going to be making some changes in my life, I want to go to school and rediscover what I love.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  2. I am a writing major so I know EXACTLY how you feel. I hate journalism because I just don't want to write in that dry style.
    Have you ever tried freelancing or submitting to magazines? That would be the best way to get your foot in the door on your own time.
    Look at the job with your family, as temporary because that's what it is. And make writing a second job. Schedule yourself a time to do it and write to your heart's content. Search freelancing jobs and submit stuff to magazines. Once you start getting publications under your belt and experience, you'll get more of an idea of what you want to do, how, and where to do it at. Plus a nice list of publications and freelancing jobs will definitely get your foot in the door!
    I know exactly how you feel since, well, it's my exact career goal as well haha. If ya ever wanna chat, email me! I could give ya some websites to help ya find places to submit to!
    Remember, don't stress too much over it. It'll happen.
    <3 Melissa

  3. Oooh I feel ya gurlie! I'm not happy in my career either and don't have room for advancement. Keep your head up and keep doing what you're doing until you land the job that you really want and will be fulfilling for you and your future. You already have a great attitude of knowing you may have to start at the bottom which employers will be able to tell right away ;)

    Keep us updated! And have an AMAZING trip! *hugs*

  4. I also work with my family. It's so hard to stay motivated when you see everyone has a place and there is no where to move up. The right career will come along for you. Just keep an open mind and an open heart. Write on the side until you find a perfect fit and keep your chin up!

  5. Based on your love or writing; you would be an outstanding teacher of writing. You should consider it.


  6. I love the quote at the end, you are so fabulous! Umm 5 days until vacation, soo exciting. Where are you heading? The Tropics??

    Happy Humpppp day!


  7. I totally know how you feel! I hate that they make you think if you go to college and graduate youll get a good job in your field. Its so not true. And its like how long do we have to be at the bottom?! It is so frustrating. I totally understand where youre coming from! Where are you going on vacay love?!?!

  8. I know just how you feel! That's where I am right now, just wondering what's next?! It's a tough question. Have a fabulous time on your vacation!:)


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