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Hey there!!! So for today's post I have something extremely special to share with you all. This May one of my friends got engaged in one of the most adorable ways that I have heard, here is her story in her own words...

"After seeing how much I loved the mountains on a trip to visit my cousin in Denver, Joel started making his plan. The first obstacle was to convince me to spend money on another trip to Colorado! He kept saying that he wanted to get me out of state to relax in the short break I had before the summer term of grad school started back up. I kept hesitating, but he persisted, so in late May we drove 12 hours to Denver. The next day we took a beautiful drive through the mountains and valleys and ended the day making the exhilarating and terrifying drive up Pike's Peak. When we finally got to the top, he was acting strange. He led me to an area of the summit away from the crowd and I thought that this had to be it. It wasn't! He led me all around the summit to these little secluded places without saying much of anything because he was having altitude sickness and felt like passing out! He actually had to hold onto me at one point, he was feeling so dizzy! Finally it was getting to be time to start the drive down. I wondered why he hadn't asked in what I considered to be the perfect spot but figured he must have other plans...until he told me that before we left he wanted to make my Pike's Peak experience even more special. He told me what I meant to him, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him at 14,115 feet! I said "YES!" and fell down to my knees to kiss him. As we walked back to the car (and with a huge smile plastered on my face) a man who witnessed our engagement asked if we wanted a picture. We said sure and exchanged emails so he could send us the shot. We were in for a surprise when he emailed us the next morning and we saw that he had photographed us the entire time! This priceless picture topped off what was, in my mind, the most “breathtaking” proposal ever!"

Isn't that absolutely amazing? I mean, not only was this such a great way to propose but to top it off with the kindness of a complete stranger to capture the moment for them! Of course after all of this everyone showered these two with "congratulations" galore but then the fun & realization of what a wedding entailed began. As you all may {or may not} know, weddings are expensive {Average in our area is roughly $25,000 when all is said and done}. For just about anyone this is an absolute outrageous amount, however for grad-students who are also dealing with student loans and rent payments this number is even that much more daunting.

This is where you as my lovely and amazing readers come in... Lauren then informed all of her family and friends that she had entered her and Joel's story into a little contest to help offset the cost of the wedding, because every little bit helps!!!


$1,500 toward your dream wedding gown, plus custom designed wedding invitations from Pear Tree Greetings, a total value of over $2000!


$300 in Pear Tree Greetings wedding invitation stationery, plus a $200 Visa gift card


$150 in Pear Tree Greetings wedding invitation stationery

As this contest nears the end, and only the top five contenders are considered, Lauren & Joel are in sixth place. I am asking of you to, pretty please with a cherry on top, help them out and take a moment to vote for their story! It will be appreciated more than you know :)


1.Go to this link : {LIKE Pear Tree Greetings... Page will then refresh}
2.Scroll to the bottom of the engagement story
3.Click “Vote” (“Likes” don’t count!)
4.Click “Login with Facebook” if a box from Offerpop comes up (this prevents voter fraud!)
5.You will know your vote went through when the vote count goes up!

*Having personally voted & liked Pear Tree Greetings on Facebook, I can say that they just about never post anything so your feed will not be bombarded with updates or anything... Once the contest is over you can then go back and un-like if you feel it necessary*

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  1. TOTALLY VOTED. Because I'm IN TEARS RIGHT NOW. Damn you, and your friend with her freaking adorable photo. Damn you all. But seriously, I love.

  2. I love when strangers do amazing things like that. Such a great story. Going to vote now...

  3. ^Thank you so much! I can't tell you what that means to us!

    And Melissa, I was already teary after watching Kerri and Misty in the Olympics (since we were at Ted Drewes last night!) but now I'm full-on crying. I don't know how to thank you!

  4. What a great story! Totally going to vote. I hope that they win something!
    New follower, by the way :) I would love it if you came by and said hello!

  5. Aww! How sweet, just voted! When I read that the person had captured the whole thing on camera...that gave me goosebumps!
    I came across your blog through my friend, Whitney! Happy to now be following you!


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