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Happy Monday all! {happy may be a stretch but let's just go with it} I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I have to say that this weekend was the most productive that I have had in a while {& busy too!}... Let's recap with pictures shall we...

Friday... After work I met up with my mom & we went to see Dream Girls at The Muny! I have to say, this was probably one of the best productions I have seen there {yes, I know I said the same thing about Aladdin but let me explain...} Aladdin was absolutely the best acted out show at the Muny whereas I would say that Dream Girls was the best in the musical aspect by far {Oh & the fact that the Jennifer Holliday played Effie just made it perfect... When she sang "And I am Telling You" I will admit, I was in awe... just amazing!!!!}

& being 3rd row helped the excitement too! :)
A little blurry, technically we aren't supposed to take pictures but I had to get at least one {this is at the end of the show so I didn't interrupt the performance}
Saturday... Morning, Andrew & I went to go see Batman {I just want to put it out there that my thoughts & prayers go out to the families, friends & everyone involved in the shootings in Colorado on Friday} The movie was good, I didn't care for the ending due to the fact that the Christopher Nolan is done Directing any future Batman movies. I really dislike when they switch up Directors {or any person who is that vital to a movie} & leave the story open ended. Maybe it's just me but it irks me a lot!
Mab not wanting us to leave her to go see the movie
Andrew has gotten me a little hooked on listening to anything Adam Carolla {anyone else?!}... This is all we listen to in the car anymore... Goodbye radio! lol
Had to stop for some caffeine before the early {by early I mean 1030am} movie :)
Saturday... Night, Andrew & I continued our day of outings & went to the baseball game. The ever famous Cardinals/Cubs series! {GO CARDS} The temperature was amazing, it was a bit hot when we first got there but by the time the sun started going down it was BEAUTIFUL out, we couldn't have picked a better game to go to! {Oh did I mention that we swept the cubs? Because we did, & the game we went to... 12-0... Just saying} *I apologize to any of the cubs fans out there reading this :)*
THIS is Baseball Heaven :)
Walking to the game... Andrew in his Wainwright jersey I got him for Christmas!
I just love baseball
Love him <3 
Andrew's first time having Dip n Dots... thought I'd stick with vanilla for his first time {insert inappropriately funny 50 Shades joke here}
Sunday... I was a busy little bee on Sunday. Finished up some craft projects, started a few more, linked up for Sunday Social {which I will be doing again next Sunday} I did some laundry, dishes, cleaned up the house a bit, watched The Bachelorette {which we will get to in a bit}... Needless to say, I was pooped by the end of the night!
Started my morning by eating breakfast while watching this classic {Anyone know what movie this is?!?}
One of the pictures I took for my Sunday Social Link Up post
I'm just gonna say it, I tackled Home Depot on my own on Sunday {maybe that isn't supposed to be exciting or shocking but for me it was... Not only did I go by myself but I bought all of the things I needed to start stripping paint off of an old dresser that I have... I was quite proud of myself, as was Andrew LOL}

& this is said dresser... the BEFORE
During... I thought it was pretty darn cool looking myself lol

This is what it looks like now, still needs a lot more work but it's getting there {& Andrew did start helping me when he got home from work lol}
I painted those! {I am going to be putting together a little tutorial DIY post soon on how I did these nifty little pieces of art... SOOO much cheaper than buying art for your walls}
What better than The Bachelorette & Lime-a-Rita's?! Well sharing them with your sister of course
Me & my sister's matching glasses!
Oh & I had to add this one... she's playing ninja or army dog {whichever, I thought it was hilariously cute!}

Now, onto the Bachelorette talk... I for one have to say that I have crazy respect for Emily after the way that she handled herself during the finale. I mean, once she knew that Jef was the one for her, she didn't put Arie through the entire date & the whole next day, giving him any false hope. This is why I do think that there could be a good shot for Jef and Emily to actually make it... She seemed and still does seem, so completely confident in their relationship, which I never really saw until last night. Up until last nights finale, I would have said, and did say, that I really liked Jef but I just didn't see how either of these men were going to fit into Emily's life & take on the role of a father figure for her daughter... but I will say now that I think I may have been completely wrong. I am one hundred percent rooting for Emily and Jef to make it through this crazy stage in their relationship {& the fact that he made it clear that he would move to her and get a separate place for now... he seems like such a gentleman it's crazy!} & I really really really hope that if/when they do get married that they allow ABC to cover the whole thing... I would love to see their wedding! :)

What was everyone else up to this weekend?!

Anyone else watch The Bachelorette, thoughts? {& who can forget the premier of Bachelor Pad tonight, I will totally be tuning in for that too!!!}

Go link up & share your weekend recap :)

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  1. I've been wanting to try those lime-a-ritas. Are they a beer and margarita mixture or just a margarita by bud light lime?

  2. Wow!!! What an action packed weekend!! Love the chevron art!! Can't wait for the DIY post!! And lime a Rita's are my faves!!

  3. Ok, this post is making me super jealous :) Going to the Muny is on my St. Louis bucket list. I really wanted to see Aladdin, but didn't get around to it because of taking night class and hubby working evenings. Also jealous of you going to see the Cards! I haven't been to see them since 2010. Way too long! But hubby is a cubs fan so he never wants to go with me lol :)

    1. Awww... There are some really great shows coming up at the end of the season at the Muny, I believe the next one is Pirates, and they are also doing The King and I... I would highly recommend seeing at least one show, it's so cool! And boo cubs, one of my best friends boyfriends is from Chicago so we give him tons of grief during cubs/cards series!

      Definitely keep in touch! :)

      <3 Melissa

  4. OH great paintings! Love Chevron stripes. Still waiting to see Dark Knight so don't give too much away! Hehe

  5. Are we separated sisters? I just painted some Chevron canvases this weekend too :) I painted mine yellow and gray, but haven't blogged about them yet. Also, I love the Lime A Rita's we mix one of those with one beer, it takes a little bit of the sweetness out - Try it :)

    Also wrote a recap on the Bachelorette :)

    1. I will definitely try your lime-a-rita trick, sounds delish! :)

      <3 Melissa

  6. Love me some lime a rita :P Looks like you had a great weekend, I would have loved to go to a baseball game!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  7. Wow what a busy weekend! Any time baseball is involved it's a perfect weekend - in my book at least :) And I am loving the chevron art! So pretty!

    I totally thought Emily was going with Arie but I am actually happy with her choice. They do seem happy.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. I live in St. L too!

    New follower from GFC hop! love for you to stop by and return the follow.

    Hosting Like Me on Facebook. Great way to increase your likes and twitter followers. Over 100 so far! Hope you can join!



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