Weekend Recap!

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 This past weekend has marked the beginning of a very busy next few weeks. I am extremely excited to get the festivities of the next couple of months started, & here are some pics of this weekend that kicked everything off...

Friday... One of my best friends, Liz, celebrated her birthday so of course that included grabbing some drinks & hanging out :)

High School friends... So much fun when we all get together
Me & the birthday girl!
Andrew & the bday girl
This is what happens after a night of drinking... I had been doing soo good with no fast food, I guess there's always one teeny tiny exception, right?!

Saturday Afternoon... 
Now on to book two!!
Saturday Evening...
The girls trying to get out of the pool... don't let them fool you, they like it...
see, told you... as long as they have their raft, they're fine!
Shrimpapalooza... Yes, this is a thing, this is our 3rd or 4th annual, I can't remember... but it's loads-o-fun!

corn & beer
The girls!
Our attempt at a normal photo...
Attempt 2...
this is typically how it goes so I gave up
Mabster... hanging out under the table, waiting for scraps!
So much food!
Me & khlo!
& this is how we ended the night LOL
Boys will be boys... Andrew & my dad starting the bonfire

The perfect marshmellow
Mab & my sisters dog, Zorro, fighting over a toy {a destroyed toy}... Mab plays dead awfully well LOL
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! :)

Is anyone else excited for The Bachelorette MEN TELL ALL, tonight?! I know I am!!!

<3 Melissa

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  1. Um, I want s'mores now. Like now. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Aww, I have a little pug too! They're the best!

    Love your blog, found it through the 411 linkup:)

  3. fun fun fun!



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