#PHOTOADAYJUNE challenge :)

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So back at the end of May I declared that I was going to try and complete the #PHOTOADAYJUNE challenge brought to us by Chantelle {See her blog HERE}. Well I am happy to announce that I stuck with it and am currently working on #PHOTOADAYJULY!!

As promised I am going to share with you all {those of you who aren't following on instagram... WHICH YOU SHOULD *wink* HERE} the pictures that I captured in June for this challenge...

1. Morning, I'm nothing w/o my coffee
2. Empty, her water and food are ALWAYS empty
3. On your plate, bridal shower brunch for my cousin
4. Close up, of where I stayed that week :)
5. Sign, Disneyworld!
6. Hat, GO CARDS! :)
7. Drink, Margarita in Mexico #DisneyWorld
8 & 9. 6'oclock & my view, I missed the previous day however this was my view at 6am that Saturday

10. Best bit of your weekend, mine is always Sunday Funday with the fam!
11. Door, Safe door at our work, that thing is ANCIENT!

12. From a low angle, an amazing pasta dinner I made
13. Art, Yarn bombing outside our breakfast place

14. Time, clock at work
15. Yellow, my classes all highlighted in Yellow :)

16. Out and About, Miranda Lambert concert
17. In your bag, rough draft of the book I am writing :)

18. Something we don't know about you, my true obsession with the Bachelor
19. Imperfect, the roads by my work

20. Fave photo you have ever taken, well this is one of them, my view going home from work :)
21. Where you slept, my lovely comfy bed

22. From a high angle, the start of a great night!
23. Movement, my pups in motion

24. On your mind, our Mexican vacation coming up in August!
25. Something cute, me and Andrew *aww*

26. Where you shop, I'm addicted to this store and online shopping :/
27. Bathroom, this sums up the El Maguay that I frequent

28. On the shelf, shelves at work
29. Soft, pillows on our couch

30. A friend, well he is pretty much my best friend, it's not always perfect but  that's what makes it fun... And well, these pictures pretty much sum up our relationship hahah!

 BRING ON JULY!!! {Make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM HERE}

<3 Melissa

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